ELEV8 TRADING AND MARKETING CORPORATION is a subsidiary company of Hodreal Holdings, Inc. and a proud member of Elev8 Group of Companies that was established in July 2009. The company is primarily engaging in the manufacturing and trading of personal care products for men. Our introductory brand, “FRESHMAN MASCULINE WASH”, was the first breakthrough product that started the masculine wash awareness and eventually captured a great majority of the market segment. Freshman Masculine Wash Original and Freeze variants were followed by Freshman Active Deodorant and Freshman Extreme Deodorant as well as Freshman Active Body Bar and the Freshman Whitening Bar.


In October 2014, the company has started its import-trading business by importing products initiated by its respective clients.  The company has reliable trade partners in different areas in China that deliver quality products, timely and cost efficient. Various products imported by the company and delivered to customers are materials for out-of-home advertising such as LED Display (outdoor, indoor and rental type), Point-Of-Purchase (POP) Display and Media materials (Tarpaulin, Stickers, Panalflex and so on).


The company’s well organized and professional team were determined in delivering company’s vision, creating longer and closer working relationship with its respective clients by providing efficient product sourcing and development services, quality innovative products in reasonable prices. Suppliers production control and monitoring by compelling to world class quality standards on facility audit and product inspection through in-house or third party inspection company such as SGS, Intertek or TUV that may be requested by the customer. The company is also in partnered with the reputable third party logistic and customs brokerage company for fastest and safest delivery of the products.


Our first responsibility is to our customers. We should be able to provide them with the best and most innovative products and services at the highest possible quality, in an accurate and timely manner, which completely satisfies their needs and wants, while providing it at the highest level of customer service experience, putting their needs first, for they are the engine that will drive our growth and deliver our own needs.

Our second responsibility is to the people we work with. We should be able to provide fair and adequate compensation for the self-disciplined men and women within our organization, who relentlessly devote their talents to the pursuit of excellence through their disciplined thoughts and disciplined actions, so they too can provide for their responsibilities to their own families. They should be able to share in the fruits of the successes of the organization, for that will prime them for even greater success. We must provide competent management and humble leadership built on a culture of discipline and open communication.

Our third responsibility is to our stockholders. In order for the business to make a sound profit, we must experiment with new ideas. Research must be carried on, innovative programs developed and mistakes paid for. New equipment must be purchased and new facilities provided and new products and services launched. Reserves must be created to compensate for adverse times. When we operate according to these principles, the stockholders should realize a fair return.

Our fourth responsibility is to the country we live and work in. We must be good individual and corporate citizens, bearing our fair share of taxes for these provide for all the countless services that the government provides. We should extend ourselves in helping uplift our country and our countrymen.